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Foster families are the core of our organization.


Why foster?

SFC Virginia is a foster-based organization, which means that all of our animals are kept in foster homes until they are adopted. We do not maintain a physical facility and rely heavily on our foster parents to provide socialization and care while they wait for a forever home. Fostering a dog or cat removes them from the often stressful shelter environment, frees up a kennel in county shelters that are still euthanizing for space, and allows the pet to live in the comfort of a home until a new family can be found. Foster parents are also integral to the adoption process and act as adoption ambassadors to help find their foster pet a home, bringing them to adoption events, setting up meet and greets, and networking with members of your community to find a match.

We need foster families for:

  • Adult Dogs

  • Puppies

  • Adult Cats

  • Kittens

What we need from you:

SFC provides medical care for all of our pets, including spay/neuter and core treatments and vaccinations. We will provide other supplies as we have them - we rely on donations from our community and may or may not have everything you want to have for your foster animal (but please ask!).

  • Resident pets are perfectly fine. We ask that they are up to date on vaccinations and that all introductions with foster pets are done slowly and safely. We recommend having a separate space in your home for your foster animal until they are acclimated to your family.

  • The ability to commit to fostering any pet for at least 2 weeks. We can always accommodate short breaks/long weekends away within our foster community, but because we are able to take in animals only after getting foster commitment and do not have a physical shelter, we need any foster parent to be willing to keep that pet for at least 2 weeks (or ideally until adopted!).

  • Foster parents are integral to the adoption process and get the opportunity to help find forever homes. This can be done through walks with an “adopt me” leash, social media posts, talking to friends/family, attending adoption events, etc.

  • Willingness and ability to bring foster pets to adoption events, meet and greets, and to medical appointments as needed.


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